“Now brands and retailers can think like a customer versus just thinking about the customer. AI for Marketing and Product Innovation arms leaders with the information they need for applying AI and ML to win in today’s digital era.”– Kevin Turner, CEO of Core Scientific, and Vice Chairman, Albertsons Companies; former COO Microsoft

“Fashion defies prediction, but cost-effective delivery requires it. Applying AI to get at the non-conscious drivers that impact consumers gives companies like ours a competitive advantage. Reading this book is the first step to getting there.”– Stef Strack, CEO Rag & Bone, New York

“Brand and Retail marketing today is data universe. Understanding the data, and extracting meaningful insights from it, requires not just algorithms and math, but a deep understanding of the mechanisms of motivation. The book contains numerous techniques that are both pragmatic and innovative.”– Professor Rjiv Lal, Harvard Business School

“The world of consumer marketing has never been more exciting than it is today. This book provides a solid framework for understanding how AI illuminates consumer attitudes and preferences. It’s a must-read for someone who wants to future-proof their marketing careers.”– Keith Weed, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Unilever

“Gaining a better understanding of how to develop innovative products and market them with meaningful messaging is a major challenge and always a top corporate priority. I found this to be a truly illuminating guidebook on how to use AI and ML for those purposes.”– Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer and President, Healthcare… Read More

“Successful brand marketing in today’s culture means being able to detect and anticipate trends as early asp possible. AI systems that are tailored for marketing, and especially for product innovation, are emerging to become key tools we need. This book digs deep into that. “– Jim Scholefield, CIO Merck

“AI for Marketing and Product Innovation demonstrates how advertisers and agencies can harness data, analytics, and speed to inform and align strategies to win with customers – and do it quickly!”– Irwin Gotlieb, former Chairman of GroupM

“The new era we live in requires companies to work from the consumer to the company and not the other way around (as it has commonly been). AI helps decode customer interests, needs, motivations across cultures, habits, and needs. This book is packed with innovative ideas and techniques to help do just that.”Carlos Slim, Mexican… Read More

“It surprises people to learn that emotion and experience play a big part in the home improvement field, but they do. ML, AI and Metaphors help us capture that emotional mind of the consumer. This book is full of innovative, and practical ways to accomplish that.”– Prat Vemana, Chief Product and Customer Experience Office, Home… Read More